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About The Kindred

Our focus boils down to three basic principles: 


We treat each other, and the online gaming and forum community with respect at all times. This means that we practice kindness, tolerance, and acceptance, encouraging diversity amongst our members in terms of age,gender, orientation, and play style. This benevolent and respectful attitude doesn't stop at our guildhall, but extends beyond, encompassing the gaming and forum community as a whole. Regardless of the game you may find us playing, we will be amongst the most helpful, courteous, and friendly gamers you're likely to find. 

Our focus is a casual play style, which means that while we do participate in planned and scheduled raids and dungeon crawls, we are not a raid guild. The Kindred can be found in such diverse activities as solo questing and leveling their crafting skills, to grouping together, participating in pick-up groups, meeting up at a local tavern to celebrate a recent victory, group, or guild landmark, or embarking upon an organized raid event. 

While we don't require participation in any event, we do encourage our 'family' to participate, as a means of getting to know one another, and to help keep our comradeship strong. 

What you will not find in The Kindred (and thus will not be tolerated): 
• Disrespect 
• Bigotry, hatred, or prejudice of any kind 
• Drama, greed, or elitist behavior 
• Derogatory, rude, excessive cursing, or other inflammatory behavior 
• Pressure to raid, participate in events, attain playing levels or gear levels, or play specific characters, races, or builds 
• Behavior contrary to the T.O.S. of any game

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